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Re: Aneurysm

some aneurysms will have no symptoms or very subtle ones.i had some strange head stuff going on but never had any real headaches just some chnges in normal sensations i have had since my spinal cord was injured which really makes defining anything a real pain in the *** these can have a very wide variety of symptoms from headaches,light and bad the way,when they state that 'worst headache of your life" stuff,this would be when the aneurysm actually would rupture and believe me,from what i was told,you would most definitely know immediately that this was indeed the worst headache of your life.i have lived with some pretty severe migranes for most of my life and was told that the rupture headache would be about ten times that in pain.i am pretty sure now that i would indeed know if it had decided to just let go on me.

i have to say tho,your symptoms really sound much more related to possible c spine involvement and not an actual aneurysm.i am in no way saying that what you have stated could definitely not be aneurysm related,just very unlikely given your symptom descriptions.

the headaches you have described sound more muscular related.if something is within the c a herniation or even bone spurs or some other issue,this really can **** off the surrounding muscles which can turn into some really hidious headaches.the stiffness and tightness at the back of your neck really is kind of a tip off to this most likely being muscular related,or inflammatory from another source.i have this kind of crap going on almost constantly from the degenerationand other stuff i have going on within my messed up c spine.i usually get trigger point injections like every six months or so just to try and calm down the trigger points(wads of tissue and muscle)that keep on redeveloping from the inflammation inside the c can effect the muscles within the face and head very dramatically insome cases.the trapezious muscle is a real biggiesince it runs fromt he head down the upper back,and of course the surrounding muscles will all join in for the fun too.

i do think just having this evaluated by your primary with perhaps an MRI done,with contrast on your brain and the c spine would tell you alot about whats really going on inside these areas.a referral to a good neurologist for the headaches would also be a good idea.but if there is indeed something wrong within the c spine or the brain(i highly doubt this tho,but you never know) then i would bypass the neurologist and go directly to a good neurosurgeon just for consultation purposes,they just would be the best to evaluate anything other than just plain headaches that a neurologist would normally do.

hopefully this is merely muscle tension headaches and nothing more,but you just need to be certain of the actual the way,women tend to actually carry alot of their stress and tension within the neck areas.go figure.good luck and please keep us posted on how things are going for you.Marcia
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