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Re: Adrenal Fatigue (Success stories w/ Cortef)

Originally Posted by WandaB
You should have 10mg in the morning when you first get up or while still in bed. 5mg about noon & 5mg about 5pm.

5mg Cortef in the morning is not enough so you have nausea. Our replacement meds are supposed to be taken first thing in the morning. Many of us take some of the morning dose before getting out of bed.
Oh you are right, I wrote it down wrong! I take a pill and a half in the morning which is 15mg and a half a pill in the afternoon, which is 5. I was on 20 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon and I just felt horrible, my face got puffy and I gained a little weight. I am feeling much better on the lower dose, but I still have bouts of nasusea. Sometimes I just get nauseas randomly though. I have noticed that if I take a nap, I usually feel really sick when I wake up. From what I have read, neausea is a side effect of cortef, so I am guessing that is whats going on. I have been telling my endo and he is just trying to figure it all out. I am debating getting a second opinion just to see what someone else has to say. For the most part I am feeling much better on the lower dose of cortef, but now they are thinking I also might have Hashimotos disease which I will find out about on Monday. Thanks for helping me figure all of this out, it can be so confusing at times!