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Re: Question on kidney cancer

Thank you, Jenn. I honestly don't think the BF quite understands the risk with this cancer -- he mentioned tonight that he wishes he could just forget the surgery altogether. I think he thinks maybe it would have been OK to just leave it in and monitor it -- then if it starts growing, do the surgery. He's not understanding that it could take off at any time, and could spread to another organ. His sister even said "oh please don't do it til after the holidays". I don't think I'm over-reacting, but holidays aren't important when there's a cancer inside his kidney and he already lost one due to cancer that became aggressive. The survival rate for kidney cancer that has metastasized is not great. I don't want to scare him, but I also could just shake him when he makes comments like that. I'm already freaking out that he's waiting til Jan. I can only pray that it stays stable until then.

Can I ask why your Dad is on medication? The BF had his kidney removed too, but they didn't put him on any medication post-surgery. Is your Dad's other kidney involved as well?