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Re: Can descent into madness be stopped?

Originally Posted by slipping
Can descent into true madness be halted, or better yet reversed?

but rather a deterioration over the span of many years which has recently accelerated.

I wouldn't say deterioration. Rather your thought process is leading to this "madness." Our minds left alone with free running thoughts and no control will always lead to madness and negativity. This madness is really a lack of mental self control and lack of understanding and observation.

Meds are never the cure for your case. As drug abusers and head traumas might be more med oriented, your case sounds like a case of self-control.

This is "CURED" through meditation. After 3 months of meditation. (3-5 nights a week, 15-45mins) The meditation I speak of is of silencing the mind. You must gain control over your thoughts and emotions. As your thoughts are connected to your emotions, (via your unconscious choice) you must learn to guide your thoughts. First you must gain the ability to stop all thinking, and stay thoughtless for periods of time.

In these meditation sessions, your only goal is to think nothing, and focus on somthing. I find my floor fan, ceiling fan, etc are the best to use. (not radios).
Something that makes a continuous sound that doesnt change that you can focus on mentally so you can be thoughtless. After 3 months of steady WORK, as this is work and takes effort, but also PAYS for life! Once the 3 months is up, you should have the ability to go thoughtless at anytime you choose. I am usually always thoughtless, and just KNOW what I am doing, instead of thinking. You actually gain intelligence by NOT thinking, odd

You must also understand more about your brain and your emotions. As once meditation has begun, thoughts will fly by...but just do not tune in. Just like a radio, you tune into what you want and don't listen to static. So change the station or turn it off. But let the ignorant thoughts flow by with no thinking. Thoughts are nothing until you begin to think them.

This is getting long and probably will be ignored as it usually does. I will post more if you ask, but too many people want the quick fix (medication).

But medications only make you dumb to yourself, and only mask the "problems" or to be honest, they only control your mind for you.

Use the internet, -meditation/mental health/power of positivethinking/thought/how to overcome negative thinking/etc

Success is in your hands, effort is required. But that is what life is about, to learn and grow.

Much Love.