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Re: fighting with me almost 3 year old about eating

Toddlers! DS drives me nuts. He used to be a much better eater, although would still want to eat the same thing day after day after day. His favorites are spagettios, noodles (plain), Peanut Butter & Honey. He used to LOVE mac & cheese, hot dogs, beef stew, chicken ala king, casserole. Now he won't even try things. It's "icky". And what drives me even MORE nuts is when he'll specifically ask for something and when he gets to the table refuses to eat 'cuz he doesn't WANT that.

He is a snacker. Loves peanuts and sunflower nuts.

I'm hoping it's a toddler phase. A dietician has reviewed what he eats and he does get a fairly balanced diet with veggies, fruits, fats... I just wish he'd eat what we eat. In fact the dietician has suggested that we stop feeding him whatever he wants and make him eat whatever we're eating, but I'm not ready to go there. I think he's probably stubborn enough to NOT eat. Plus I remember being his age and being forced to sit at the table until I ate ONE green bean. I won! There was no way I was going to try it.. Today I love green beans but back there. Nope!