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Re: High CPK --- possibly myositis? Neuro says maybe....

I was diagnosed in May with Polymyositis after my CPK came back at 40,000. I had felt like I overdid a workout for a week (though I hadn't done anything physical) before going to the doctors. I had a muscle biopsy that wasn't 100% conclusive since they had put me on Prednisone BEFORE the biopsy and therefore the inflammation of my muscles had gone down. I've had one minor flare since then where my levels got back up to 1,000 but I did experience what you are taking about in my calves as well as my forearms though my CPK was normal at the time. Not to worry you...the doctors said that a normal person who is very physical can get their CPK up to as high as 1800. I would highly suggest having the biopsy, they can tell you if there is necrosis of the muscle fibers and if you are not on any type of steriod if there is inflammation as well.

Good luck!