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Re: Hospice

Linda, Believe me hospice care can be the best. Don't be afriad to call them whenever you need to as they are really there to help. On Saturday when my mom got short of breath and my sister was alone with her and called them they told her to give mom some ativan and it helped alot. Then they came right out to the house and explained how to use the morphine and ativan to keep her comfortable.

Working in a hospital for 25 yrs I know some people panic and call 911 and the person gets rushed to an ER when everything could have been managed in the home,

Our goal was to let my mom have a peacfeul death in the home she loved surrounded by those she loved and hospice made sure that happened. It breaks my heart when I see people die in the hospital as I think dieing like my mom and so many others here did is just so much more peaceful at home. Years ago people did for the most parts die at home and it was a sad day when people started dieing more at a hospital.Hospitals are not the right settings for end of life care.

You take care of yourself. I will pray that John has as peaceful a journey onward as my mom did. You are both in my prayers.

Renea, How I feel for you having to not only deal with your husbands illness but having to deal with his family. One more thing to add to my thankful list as all of my family right down to my cousins never questioned one thing about how we managed my mom's illness or her choice to stop treatment and enter hospice care. I can't imagine having to deal with that. You take care too and you both are also in those prayers.

(((((hugs))))) Janmarie