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Re: Could I have CFS


Your sound so much like me. It may very well ne cfs if all other tests are negative.
I have two little boys so could never get any rest. I haven't slept much in years. But it started almost 1 1/2 yrs ago now. My back has problems but it was much worse. I could barely walk. X-rays weren't that bad. Then I started in with low grade fevers and night sweats. Then my lymph nodes all were tender and swollen. One was rather large. So they thought lymphoma. Well it wasn't. I was told some infection caused it. Then right after the biopsy everythign started to hurt. Al lmuscles and joints and bones. I thought I had bone cancer. Also my legs feel like cement blocks on some days. Not to mention really bad dizzy spells. Then my heart hurt. I was hopsitalized for two days in August for chest pains and dizziness. Just flu lie all of the time.

I have had ct's and mri's to rule out ms. It is all fine.

I just posted telling about my latest labs.
But you can read and maybe get your doc to test for EBV and CMV. I guess this is common with cfs. See, I think the important thing here is to make sure it isn't something else like cancer or ms. Then when life threatening things are ruled out then....cfs.

I wish I didn't have it but am thiankful it wasn't cancer or ms. It is a long and scarey road. But believe me some days are good. I think the first year hurts the worst. But let me think,,,yesterday was nad. Well, it does get better.

I hope your ok.