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Re: Hospice

Linda, this must be such a diffficult time for you and your family: making the transition to have others heavily involved in your husband's care, and having to accept the time has come for such care to be necessary.

I hope you are able to place your trust in your hospice team, and that you do not hestitate to call them at any time. The only real support I have is from my own team, and they are wonderful. I spent two weeks as an inpatient in the Hospice, for what they described as "intensive care", and they really did fix me up and send me home in better health, and continue to care for me and for anything I need, week after week.

Whilst there, I had the chance to observe the way other patients were treated, patients who were nearing their final days, and I pray I will end my time in the Hospice and receive that level of care.

The hospice people are a dedicated force who will care about you, both you and John.

You have shared before about the support you receive from your daughter and are truly blessed to have them. You are all in my prayers.