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Re: Just Frustrated and Confused

Wow! You made me cry when I read your posting as I so can relate to it! My MIL lives 5 miles away and we are not to talk about that Stan is getting worse. She is to only be told he is getting better and then when she asks me how he is doing I tell her he is not doing well and she goes wild on me and says, well you better get on the phone and tell the doctor to fix it! (she has lost her mind) I remind her that Stan has cancer throughout his entire body and sadly enough the pain and the bad days are expected and she tells me she does not want to hear that and why do I always give bad news and not good news. The other terrible thing is that she has a friend who has CONVINCED my MIL that someone in India could cure Stan! So...this friend got on a plane to a country that is not that safe at the time and stays there for over 2 weeks and still tells my MIL that Stan will be wrong. What is that lady thinking?! I told Stan I would love it for that friend of hers to prove me wrong, but don't feed your mom false hope! My MIL won't even call the house because she does not want to cry. She cries all day and prays all day. I know it would be terrible to lose a child, but at the same time she should be enjoying the time she has with him. But we are talking about a very negative, bitter lady. She also tells me that I did this to Stan and I am to blame for what I cooked for him. (need I remind her that her mom died at 51 of what they thought was liver cancer, but now think lung cancer and believe it is genetic?!)
Oh, I am got me going when I read your mess. I am so sorry Renea and wish I had some words of advice, but I am at a loss since I have the same problem. (Thankfully she is not living in my house, whew)
Oh shoot....I will continue later this evening...I am suppose to be somewhere at 5:30 and forgot....Hugs to you and sorry to have vented a bit myself as I know you needed to vent, but boy yours got me going, lol. Anyway,I will write more later tonight. Must run.
HUGS from someone who can really relate!