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Re: Just Frustrated and Confused

Renea and Kim, I do not even know what to say to you both ( imagine that !). When I read your posts it was like reading some horror story as what a nightmare the MIL's have created as if your husbands cancer is not enough.

We frequently have situations at work were one member of a terminally ill patient wants everything done and despite the majority of the family not wanting that the patient ends up on life support and I feel we then torture them until they do die which is so sad. They could have had a peaceful death but due to someone not being able to let go they die a horrible death in the hospital. Yes it is hard to let go but sometimes it is the kindest thing to do and why some people can not get past their own selfish reason and do what is best for the person is beyond me.

I will send lots of prayers your way that the MILS back off and let life happen.

Hang in there and feel free to vent when possible as the rest of us are here to listen. JanMarie