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Re: Could I have CFS

How long have you had these symptoms? It could be CFS, or it could be something else.

CFS is a very long lasting illness; only 30% of people who REALLY have CFS ever recover, though there's always the chance of a relapse.

It does sound like CFS, but a lot of people consider CFS a really vague answer. If all tests that they do for you come out negative, then odds are it's CFS. If you do have some abnormalities in those tests, though, it's likely that it's something else. CFS is very subtle; really no way to tell whether you have it or not unless you've been tested for everything.

Have you been checked for depression? Because a lot of those symptoms can be caused by a deep depression.

When I sank into a deep depression after being diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it only aggrivated my symptoms. I wasn't depressed out of nowhere; it wasn't like the bouts of depression I had when I was younger. I was depressed because I was sick with a supposed mono-like virus for three and a half months before finally finding an answer.

So did the emotional aspect come before the other symptoms, at the same time, or after? If it came before, you might want to look into depression.

Just try to find as many answers if you can; you don't want to be treated for CFS if it's only a case of depression--depression is a lot easier to deal with, and easier to treat.

If you don't find any answers, though, and they've checked depression off the list of causes, then it could be CFS.