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Re: Chronic Fatigue vs. Fibromyalgia

I think Fibromyalgia and CFS COULD be the same thing, but there's no evidence to support that. So right now, doctors treat them as two different diagnosis.

Typically people say that with FM, there's more pain involved, while CFS is more focused on fatigue.

I'm diagnosed with both. I had very prominent symptoms of CFS when I first got sick, and then the FM kicked in, putting me in a lot of pain. Now both of them are aggrivated, so I'm both more exhausted than ever and in a lot of pain.

I guess it depends on people's point of views. Some people theorize that they are, in fact, the same disease, since they're so similar. Some people theorize that they're different.

With Fibromyalgia, though, you can be sure to experience fatigue just like with CFS.