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Do I need ACDF???

I don't know if I have serious enough symptoms for ACDF?

I have been to Neurosurgeon/MRI. He recommended ACDF. Diagnosis was compressed spinal cord in C-5 and C-6. I seen the MRI with the squished spinal cord in those areas. Scheduled for surgery Dec 18. I also have Kyphosis. Doc said I may need work in C-7 at some point later. He wants to use allograft (donor bone) and also uses titanium hardware. I will be fitted with a neck brace after.

History of neck muscle spasms from 2 motorcycle accidents in 98 and 05. I had been the chriopractor (3) route after both incidents with not much success. I have also been to (4) PT depts and another doctor who gave me trigger point shots to reduce spasm. After the last accident I have had problems with numb fingers and thumbs. I don't drop things or have a great loss of strength but it does concern me. I walk ok and don't have any headaches. I do have problems working on computers and stressful situations. I believe I have hypermobile ligaments and can only find relief by stretching head to shoulder and manipulating neck until I get a pop.

I am hoping that surgery will eliminate my spasms as well as eliminate numbness. What made me go to neurosurgeon was a statement that my last chiropractor made and said I had no curve in my neck. I did some internet research and learned about kyphosis and found out about neurosurgeons.

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