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Re: Do I need ACDF???

Hello - I have been around this particular board since early 2004. There are many people who come and go. Those that stick around tend to be the people with complications or the ongoing cases.

I consider myself a successful case even though I am not what I was prior to this disease taking over my body. My pre surgical pain levels are greatly reduced than prior to surgery #1 and #2 and although I am still needing more surgery, I am by far in a better situation. I started this journey in the off the charts pain category and less on the neurological problems category. I still have some minor arm cramping and finger numbness, and misc nuisance stuff left over in the neruo side, and still have pain issues. I had congenital stenosis, with herniated/ruptured discs, major osteophytes and minor cord compression, spondylosis with continuing DDD.

The one thing is that if you have DDD, the arthritic changes keep marching on and can bring renewed symptoms. But the nerve pain is much more tolerable if kept in check after the surgery. What I mean by kept in check is that if your case if more complicated don't expect to be able to do very physicial activities and not feel it, or computer etc. Everything in moderation.

I have had hysterectomy and abdominal surgery, I remember those being more difficult than the ACDF's. I had a 2 levl acdf with significant work on osteophytes the first time, and a 1 level acdf the second time which included some difficult work. I sailed through, minor swallowing problems, minimal throat pain, post surgical pain was well controlled. Biggest problem was fatigue and wearing that (*(&(*&*^ collar! The incision site etc don't hurt at all, its more in the bone while it heals. Muscle spasms for a while, but all those things were easily controlled by reasonable amounts of pain medicine compared to prior to surgeries.

THe one thing that seems to be common from the people that have been here is the longer that you wait to address neuro compromise problems the more you can expect that it may not get fixed 100%. Better to try to fix than have total loss of use :-) in my opinion.

Talk later.