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Re: God I miss my mom please help

please try very hard to be gentle and compassionate with have just gone through a huge trauma....our momma's are usually the most important person in our entire lives and when they pass, they take a piece of us with them....we grieve the loss of love, of the security of having unconditional love of the one person who loves us most in the whole world. we grieve all the hopes and dreams that we had of the future with them and we stare at a big black hole in our lives for awhile.....

all i can say is that i understand and i hurt with you as you miss your mom.
it will never be the same without her....but it eventually will be ok....but it takes a long time....don't be hard on yourself....but when you go to bed at night and the tears start to flow....just know that she is there beside your bed stroking your hair and giving you "angel kisses" you'll even be able to feel them if you are very still...i have felt them and they are wonderful....
she is there....she is really there................peace to you and i will say a prayer for you tonight that you feel her there with you........ peace