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Re: My kids verses his kids

I'm a little late to this discussion....

I don't think she was saying she relied on someone else to discipline her kids; I read she was ticked her boyfriend didn't correct his daughter when she misbehaved or lied or whatever.

If your boyfriend refuses to see his daughter for what she really is or how she really acts (spoiled princess), then you have three choices: 1) accept it and learn to live with it, making sure your boys understand why you're accepting it; 2) tell the bf to wake up and start making his daughter understand the world does not revolve around her and begin the discipline. The BF needs to understand that you're concerned about his daughter's future if she continues in this manner of behaving...don't do the whine game about "fair is fair" because that won't get his attention. Or, choice #3, leave and raise your boys the way you want them to live and come to terms with the fact that guy wasn't the best choice for you at this particular time.

Any of those choices stink, but you want your boys to grow up into considerate, caring, truthful men -- you have to live it for them to understand and emulate it.

Good luck.