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Re: need tips and advice on a pinched nerve thx!

Hey Dave...

I'm no doc and don't know a lot...but, my interpretation of your MRI is that you have 2 disc herniations...I believe (from my limited experience) that protrusion means it has herniated out. If this is so, I would say you have herniations at both C3-4 and C5-6, with some bulging in other areas - where the disc hasn't actually protruded out of the ligaments, casing (like the protrusiion has)...whatever it's called that's supposed to hold them there! Anyway...I'm glad to hear you've seen some improvement. I improved for about 12 weeks and then pain started to increase with the neuro symptoms to follow a couple of months later. Anyway, hopefully you'll have complete recovery as I think a lot of people do. It would be great if a more knowledgeable member could post their interpretation of the MRI? Does protrusion indicate actual herniation/rupture of the disc? Good luck Dave! Mona