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Re: My kids verses his kids

I don't think your boyfriend's attitude about his daughter stems from the fact that the child is a girl, but because the child is his. There are a lot of parents out there who feel that everyone else's children are little demons and their own children are perfect in every way, even if said perfect children act as bad as or worse than the kids deemed 'bad'. Your boyfriend sounds like one of these people, and it's doubtful that he will ever grow to see that his daughter is a brat. You can either suck it up and tell your sons that they need to put up with this behavior from the female child and the boyfriend, or you can move on and live the single life or find someone who will treat your children with respect (whether or not a new partner has their own children).

I also find it concerning that this guy has no problem disciplining your children and not his own. Perhaps he feels controlled by his daughter and her lousy attitude and he needs to know he has control over something...punishment of your kids, maybe? The young girl sounds almost like a sociopath in the making with the lies and seeming lack of emotion about the wrong she does. She also sounds like she's got Dad wrapped around her little finger, which is a sign of nothing good. I commend you on your decision not to marry this guy.