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Angry lower abdominal suffering - help!

I'm so frustrated with doctors! Since May '06 (I even remember the day!), I've been dealing with lower abdominal/pelvic pain that is daily, constant, and interfering with life. The pain resembles menstral cramps and ranges from heavy to dull cramping/pain and is centered below the bellybutton and above the pelvic bone. I have no lower right quadrant pain but the pain does move to the left lower quadrant and on occassion the left flank. Strangely, I also have occassional shooting pains in the vaginal area.

I've had:
CBC (normal)
pelvic ultrasound (normal) - June
abdominal/pelvic CT (normal) - June
MRI of the spine (normal) - July
cytoscopy for bladder (normal) - June
colonoscopy (normal) - August
laparoscopy (normal gynecological findings but did find adhesions from my small intesting to rt. ovary covering my appendix [which had obviously had inflammation because they said it was "neucrotic" and enlarged"]). Removed appendix - October

I've tried two gastro docs, my gynecologist, my internist, my urologist, and no one knows what to do now. The gastro doc says I've had "the billion dollar work up" and doesn't see what else he can do. Some have said, well, it must be IBS, but the last gastro doc I saw says I exhibit none of the classic signs (i.e. pain assoc. with bowel movements).

I feel stuck. Healthwise, I'm good in every other area of my life. However, this is absolutely making me crazy. Daily pain is something I'm not going to "live with."

Does anyone have any suggestions??? Please???

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