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Hi, i am not a dr or nurse so cant give you medical advice , but i do have an autistic teenager so have real life experience. . From what i have learnt Aspergers is where a person has Autism but they are high functioning. I.E. can live a normal life, cope with more situations etc. But they do have the autistic traits and problems, just not in such a severe form. I felt my child had Aspergers as she is intelligent, is very clever in her Education, does many things all other kids do but she has many many rituals and routines she has to do, thats when we know she is autistic. When she was diagnosed though they said she has Autism, not Aspergers. She can be real naughty but not understand the consequences. Will get bullied but not even realise she is being bullied. Aspergers as far as i know is a milder form of Autism, but someone on here with medical experience may be able to tell you more accurately.