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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

My husband has Extensive SCLC and has outlived what the doctor's had thought and has never done any radiation and even has 50 lesions/mets in the brain and has the cancer obviously in his lungs, bones, liver, spleen and adrenal and lymph and sure there is somewhere else I did not mention...but to give you an idea it has been 18 months. There have been some bad times, but there have been some beautiful times too. On his first chemo he responded quite well and got a 30% reduction and felt quite well for 2 1/2 months. My husband is a very determined man and yes things are looking rather gloomy now, but we never thought he would be here for yet another holiday! He asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I already have it...I told him I am so blessed to have him around another Holiday for the boys. We never thought he would be here this time last year so even though they gave your mom 12 just don't know. Everyone is different, but don't get discouraged if the chemo knocks her down flat on her back! My husband was hospitalized twice, but bounced back. I pray your mom can achieve some quality and enjoy life. Be strong for your mom as she needs you! Keep us posted.