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Re: Aspergers

my boyfreind, i have asked him alot of times how he can stand dealing with me as a girlfreind
im clumsy, im forgetful, i freak out sometimes, i often cant say what i mean, i dont always make eye contact even with him, i dont like beng touched
(its not like i wont kiss him or sit n his lap watchinga movie or osmething, i just know distance myself more than most people would)

ive known i had all of tehse problems sense i was much younger, and i rember asking him how he could deal with it when i was 14 (weve been a couple for a long time)

he just pet my head and said "shh" and that even if we get frustrated or he feels neglected sometimes, im more important to him than anything.

he still says that if i ask <3

the thing is, even if i dont show it, i love him to peices, i absolutley adore him, i wish i could show it the way nromal people do, but i cant, so i do make sure to atleast Tell him "i love you" often
sometimes i really do feel detatched, but often i just cnat show my feelings

oh and, i draw for him, alot, every time i draw for him hes always so happy, becuase im good with hswing emotionin art and he spazzes over how .. much it is? i dont know how to explain, sorry

but i defitnily cant give you specific relationship advice,
but you shouldnt stay iwth him Just to keep him form doing something stupid, ive dated enough guys to know thats a waste of time and its as unfair to him as yourself.

if you stay with him it should be becuase you like him enough to be patient with him and work things out

i do have to add, ADHD doesnt exist,
dont get me wrong, the peopel labled as ADHD most often DO have real problems, but ADHD is just what certain docters and shrinks will lable anything misc. like ocd.

the medicine "works" ebcuase its a mind-altering drug, how could it not work?
but its not nessisarilly safe or healthy, its usually just a scam to "help the economy" (ive done my research on this so much.)

i mean kids with "ADD" usually are either highly inetelgent and inquisative, or so stuffed with sugar thats its practically abuse.

they are now talking about drugging 2 and 3 year olds, who are "hyperactive", kids are naturlaly energetic and ask alot of questions, i dont understand who could want to drug them for that.
what they wont always tell you, some of the drug side effects really are depression and suisidal thoughts and more, ive had freinds who delt with those side effects and were hospitalized.

i think its a good idea to have him tested for Aspergers, but please please for your own health dont listen to anyoen who says you or your loved ones has ADHD, it really breaks my heart when people get the wrong information and could be hurting themselves.
Please excuse any gramatical/spelling errors, I have a verbal disability.

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