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overweight for a reason

hi guys!!: blob_fire

Im new to this so bare with me. i have always been overweight from the age of 10 when i started puberty and my periods. Dispite always being sick and constantly in pain my doctors advice was to do more exercise. Until the age of 16 i was a professional dancer dancing at least 30 hours a week with the gym on top but was still at my smallest a size 16. I am now 22 recently married and now weigh more than i ever have at 20 stone 7 pounds. Last week i went to my doctor as i am constantly tired nausious and just generally unwell. I had more blood tests taken than ever before and we finally got something. In addition to me having pcos i tested positive for celiac disease.
I currently visit the hospital regularly for obesity, nutritionist advice and pcos. Most doctors will tell you that all celiac disease sufferers are underweight. This is a completely wrong. over 30% of all sufferers are overwieght normally around 300 pounds. Even with exercise its the gluton in a diet that cannot be digested and causes obesity. The symptoms are nausea, tiredness, diahorea or constipation, cramps etc.. I read a medical journal that said all obese people if they have the above symtoms should see your doctor and get tested as a change as simple as a gluton free diet may sought out a multitude of symtoms although they may take a little persuading as most doctors including some of mine laughed when i told them this is what i though i had. xxxxxxxxx

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