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“when are you going to have kids” question

How often does someone ask when are you going to have a baby? As soon as I got married, I started to get that question. Now it seems like someone is asking me every other month! I was at my DH office Christmas party on Fri., and there were a bunch of kids, a baby, and two ladies were pregnant. My DH has only been working there since Aug. so I don’t really know anyone yet. Then this super nice lady who he works with asked in front of everyone, “When are you going to have kids? If you guys were having a baby it would be just perfect!” And here I am, thinking, well I should be five months preg. We just laughed it off and I didn’t really say anything, and DH said, “You just have to be patient.”

But that is just such an inappropriate question. Even when I wasn’t trying, I really didn’t like to be asked that because it wasn’t right for me at the time, and now its not like I really want to say “ oh well I just had a m/c,” or “we’re going to try again tonight.” I mean, what do you say to that? People just don’t realize a) you just can’t predict when you are going to have a baby, and b) that is a really loaded question, and they would feel really uncomfortable if they heard an honest answer. Ya know!

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