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Re: “when are you going to have kids” question

I feel your pain! I get asked this question all the time. And people just don't understand that it is difficult for some of us to get pregnant. Especially the ones that can get pregnant whenever they want.
Sometimes when people ask me that, I just want to say :"Well we've been trying for a year and had one miscarraige!!!!!" The other night my parents came over for dinner and my mom was looking at our Christmas people (decorations). We have one that represents me, DH, and our two cats. It's really cheesy but I like them Anyway, she was looking at them and commented on this one she saw in the store that was a grandmother holding her grand baby. I know she was hinting at something cause she has no grandchildren yet! (She doesn't know we have been trying either).
It's a good thing we have eachother on this forum so we can gripe about this stuff and know that we are understood here!