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Re: “when are you going to have kids” question

I'm sorry you have to deal with those questions. We have been dealing with it since we have been married and now that we are ready, the questions come more often and I just blow them off because it isn't their business.

I had to go to the doctor the two weeks ago for my thyroid and I teach school. Well every day we try to do "good things". Anyhow, my kids normally are awful for the sub and I got back and the note was great, so I was thrilled. So, I told the kids that I had good news I wanted to share with them when they got back to homeroom, hinting about the note. The first thing out of their mouths are "you're having a BABY!!!!" I was like NOOOOO, you didn't get your names on the sub

Anyhow, I hear it so much from the kids I teach, and now my coworkers, my parents, etc. I just hate that they don't realize that this would be something that would be an incredible blessing for us and something we want, but not something that is their business. We have always wanted kids, but are just now in the position to try for them.

Know what I mean?