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Re: overweight for a reason


You make a good point. Celiac is a misunderstood disease, even among doctors. It took me 6 months to find a doctor who would take me seriously when I wanted to be tested for celiac. I was told that I couldn't possibly have it because if I did, I'd be having diahrrea several times a day. Well, I didn't have diahrrea, but I was absolutely certain that my symptoms were at their worst when I ate gluten. My primary symptom was painful acid indigestion.

When presented with a substance that the body can't handle, the body has different ways of coping. For you it has been obesity. I hope that a gluten-free diet will help your body to settle down and relate to calories in a happy way instead of hanging on to everything for dear life. I am happy for you that you've found out what the problem is.

There is an interesting thread at the moment in the Diet & Nutrition Board:
"metabolic typing" [url][/url]
which started out talking about a "doctor" using some questionable methods to "prescribe" a special diet for someone, and then the thread has gone on to discuss gluten and milk intolerances. You might find it interesting.