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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

Is it Cisplatin and Etopside? That is a very common combo for SCLC...find out and get on the Internet and you can look up what to expect. I remember the worst thing my husband experienced was his taste buds were so messed up. I had to to go the store and bought honestly 20 different types of drinks to see if he could drink anything. I also had to do that with water and found he could only drink the Sparkletts purified drinking water and no others. He was also very tired and fatigued. But, remember everyone is so different so you never know what to expect but I looked up all the side effects on the Internet. Oh, I would also make him pot and after pot of homemade chicken soup as it somehow soothed him and he could tolerate the taste. He ate a lot of other soups too but that one the most.
Hope some of that helps....