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Re: Does anyone just not take their meds?


Oh, yeah, I used to do that allllll the time, especially when I first felt good after I first started taking meds. --no one told me to stay on them for 6-12 months. 6-12 months? I could live with that. But after hopping on and off and off and on, my doc told me I "may have to be on the for the rest of [my] life" which of course I set out to prove wrong. And really, there were a good 5 years or so when I really did get by. I probably coulda used the meds, but life wasn't totally miserable. But this time, I've been on them for almost two years. Oh, wait, that's not true. I tapered off in the summer a little, and that was after 15 solid months without skipping. But summer was abundantly stressful, so back on. I'm a really bad "patient" I guess.

Um, no, you're not alone.