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Re: can environment make someone depressed ?

Feng shui is fake, don't buy into it. However, set and setting play a major role in your mood.

For example, you need certain hours of the sun daily else you'll feel depressed. This is not my opinion but it's science. There was a recent article I read about a village that had no sun for a couple of months straight every winter.

There is a Seasonal Affective Disorder called Winter Depression in which patients feel depressed during winter, mainly because the sun is up for fewer hours.

Exposure to the sun also affects your sleep cycle, which in turn affects your brain chemistry. Not to get into detail, yes set and setting are very important.

Some places will be associated with certain memories or things in your head.

Plants and pets really help, so do colors of curtains, walls, and the lights being used. Actually I was so depressed once that I tore a hole in the wall and put a window so I can see my garden. Now I feel great during the summer. Before that I felt trapped.