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Re: can environment make someone depressed ?

hi all,
thanks for your advice.

my bro is so fixated on the apartment as the root of his problems, that now he is blaming on this n feeling resigned. the whole situation is kinda screwed up. its difficult to get him to change his perspective when his thoughts are so negative n mind closed. but if he doesn't do something, how can things improve for him ?

the problem started when we shifted to this new apartment. he hated it n frequently talks abt how he likes our old place. come to think of it, he did have major life events. he lost his best friend to an accident, which hit him real hard. then he suffered injuries in a soccer match which robbed him fm being able to play the game he loved. it hits hard at a guy's ego, perhaps. i guess all these culminated in the depression.

the question now is, how to get him out ???