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Step daughter issues

ok, here it goes.. I have been a step mom to my 15 year old daughter ever since she was 2 years old. Her mother gave up custody to her father when she was 4. Only because she had gotten pregnant and gave up the baby. I have treated her as my own forever and love her dearly, but lately it seems like she can't stand to be home with us. She would rather go with her friends, or her mothers. When she comes home from her mothers it's like we don't exist, unless she needs money for something or she wants or for us to run her somewhere. I know this is a typical teenager.. but her mother has never offered to help us in anyway. She pays 40.00 a week(not court ordered) and thinks this should go for her schooling, health expenses, clothing, and everthing else. We asked her back in Aug to help us with her tutuion for high school, or to help with school cloths. She said she would give us 100.00 in Sept. Never happened. We have never asked her before that for any extra money, we have always paid for everything. I try to explain to my daughter that money doesn't grow on trees and my husband seems to think whatever she wants we should break the bank to give it to her. She acts as though we owe her. When ever I mention to her that maybe her mother should help a little she gets all defensive, like her mother shouldn't have to. I am at my wits end. any suggestions?

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