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Re: Could these symptoms be Myelopathy?


Me again...with my horrible neuro symptoms. I am starting to wonder if there's more to this than my bad neck. I am getting so frustrated and giving up hope with all of this. As many know, I ruptured at c6-7 15 months ago (no surgery). About 5 months after that, all the neuro stuff started and the neck and arm pain intensified. So, 10 months I am still dealing with it all. My current symptoms:

nerves to arms and legs just feel shot, on high and jumpy all the time
intermittent dizziness, ataxia, balance is off
tongue numbness/burning/soreness, off and on
bilateral facial numbness a couple of times
lots of muscle twitches
numbness in feet, sometimes up the legs
when the nerves are on super high it causes hands to tremor, sometimes legs will tremor, even noticed tongue tremor once or twice
LOTS of neck pain, arm pain
I've developed high blood pressure, it was always low prior to this

I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but, that's the most of it. I have seen 3 neurologists, 2 neurosurgeons, one rheumatologist. I've had bloodwork, spinal tap, EMG/NVC, Brain MRI w/ contrast, Spinal MRI - all "normal" other than my herniation and some narrowing (9mm) at the herniation site. I'm getting desperate and giving up hope. They say my disc is improving (so doesn't need surgery - why do I have so much pain after so long and now all these horrible symptoms?). Any ideas of where I should go from here? I am SO sick, everyday. Yesterday I thought I was going to pass out, though didn't. I'm feeling very frustrated and my neck is killing me. I feel like my life is passing me by, I have 3 kids and until all of this, was very active, ran 20-30 miles per week. Now I'm a pile. Thanks for listening. Mona