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Re: Could these symptoms be Myelopathy?

Thanks for words of encouragement. I am crying as I type as I am so sick and so emotionally fragile right now as I'm just so tired of feeling so awful. Yes, had "normal" spinal tap. The rheumatologist didn't seem to think it was an auto-immune problem...his words..."I don't know, but I would guess somehow your herniation has triggered/created this problem with your nervous system." But, now what? Is this my life with no help? That's what I am most scared of I think. No MRA done, though the neurologist listened to the arteries in my neck with his stethascope. No PT at this time. At the time of my original herniation 15 months ago, the NS didn't want anyone to touch me as he said it was a "large" rupture and he feared they would aggravate it further. I've done accupuncture, myofascial stuff, osteopathic stuff, none of it has helped. It is almost hard for me to envison that I'll ever be well again. Could a disc cause this much havoc on my whole body? Could they be missing something on the MRI that is 9 months old at this point? I just don't know where to turn. They just send me on my way, but I am SO SICK. Sorry to unload - today is a bad one. Thanks. Mona