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Re: Could these symptoms be Myelopathy?

I hesitate going to the ER, as I've been 3x over the past 10 months. They tell me they only admit "life threatening" problems. They prescribe some sort of anti-anxiety RX and send me away. To look at me, I look fairly "normal." Really other than the hyperreflexia, higher than average BP....not alot of red flags for them. But I feel TERRIBLE. My neck kills me, my nerves are just so super-charged, twitching, buzzing etc. I appreciate all the ideas. The only look at my neck has been MRI (which everything I read says it's the gold standard). Sometimes I feel that is what is nailing me - they glance at the MRI, say neck is improving...and away they send me. My gut tells me there is so much more going on there. I understand I could have an entirely different problem in addition to the just seems so ironic that all of this came down 4-5 months after an undisputed large herniation. Who knows, I just want help and to get figured out. Sometimes it all feels like a bad dream, 10 months with no help or diagnosis of this neuro stuff that is just unrelenting, everyday. Thanks again for the ideas. Mona