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fix me plz

Hello, everyone. I don't really know what has been going on with me lately but I sure don't like it. I have these random emotional breakdowns. And I feel so ashamed afterwards... I never feel like going out anymore and I've been ignoring phone calls from friends for about two weeks now. I feel deep hatred towards myself and I hate it when I look in the mirror because I dont like who I see. I just generally hate the world, I hate my family, and I hate my friends for not understanding me better. But most of all I hate myself. I wondered if this could be me just PMSing bcuz these feelings go away after three days or so. But then they come back. It's like a cold sore. I also wondered if these emotions could be triggered by certain life events happening. My family is starting to worry about me because they think I don't have friends since I never feel like going out. And when I do go out all I can think about is coming back home...oh, and the littlest things can send me into a frenzy. like today my sister wouldnt make me a bowl of cereal (even when i told her i wasnt feeling well) and i just totally lost it. i started bawling right on the spot and then left to go cry some more in my room and i didn't come out for a long time after that. i know that makkes me sound like a total brat which is why i am so ashamed of my emotional breakdowns. i cant seem to control them. what is wrong with me? (sorry for making htis so long)

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