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Reply to "Depression and work" thread

I can't reply to my other thread, maybe it's getting too long? Here is my reply:::

Originally Posted by Lightprof
I would hope you can take your paid leave and try and start finding help to get better..

Lightprof, it does sound as if we suffer from similar things, I read your other post. I have an appointment with my GP a few days after Christmas, I'll see if he can fill out the leave paperwork or if he recommends a pdoc. It is taking a long time for this process, BUT I did 'get through" the year, and I will get through my 2007 trips... one week at a time, but I find no joy in my work/life anymore.

Originally Posted by joebloggs2
Definitely don't take time off work unless you HAVE TO. Staying at home and giving yourself lots of time to think will most likely make the depression worse, FAST.
joebloggs2, this is a quote from you from another thread. I travel and can't deal with fixing myself and my problems since I'm on the road every week. I only have a Friday once in awhile and I can't make appointments during the wekends. I fear if I take time off I'll just sit around and think and get worse, but I know I have to work on my problems and not sit around if I'm going to make things better. Even if Christmas sux this year, at least I have taken the week off to start seeing some doctors. Thanks for the reminder to not just sit at home if I'm on leave, that will be so tempting to do.

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