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Re: How long after ACDF before I feel better?

Hi, I had the same surgery... only difference is I don't know if you had a bone graft or if they used a cage.. which shouldn't make too much difference anyhow. I had mine in early November as well. I still have some issues with inflamation in my throat it seems and left arm heaviness, I also get some various symptoms that come and go. Everybody is different and everybody can heal in different ways and at a different pace, I think its WAY too soon for you to start getting discouraged, after all, this is major and very sensitive surgery and we've only been out around a month and a half at that. Give yourself a couple more months or more.

have you expressed your concerns with your surgeon though? I had some new symptoms following my surgery, and because of that mine ordered an MRI and CT of the c-spine in addition to the follow up xray, just as a precaution to make sure things were okay... everything came back good and sparkling clean

So I guess if the symptoms are the same as what you had before surgery, be sure to communicate that, but as long as its nothing NEW, just give yourself time, your nerves could just be aggitated from surgery. Have you had another CT or MRI yet?

I hope that things get better for you soon, keep us posted

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