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Re: Guys, I am at my wits end. Need your help!!!

Porter, I think you need to start thinking about a title for that book you could write about all this! I don't know what to suggest except maybe to also call your local representative, your congressmen, etc. I know some people have gotten other types of problems dealt with by having their congressmen intercede for them. Maybe someone else on the board has dealt with a similar problem and can give you some suggestions.

Financially, I can relate. We moved here three years ago, started the ball rolling to build a house, and figured I would take a year off work while we were in temporary housing to be able to deal with selling our old house 200 miles away, keep up the homeschooling, and take care of all the technical stuff of relocating and building. During that year, I got so much worse. Now we have this house that we figured on two incomes to pay for (well, one and a half, since I worked part time), and it's starting to look like I won't ever work again. Now our insurance is telling us that the individual "cap" for out of pocket expenses doesn't include this or that related to my surgery, so we're getting a ton of medical bills that we thought would be covered. I just keep trying to peck away at the debt, but every time I think we've made a little headway, we get another major bill. I don't know how much longer we can stay afloat before we have to start thinking about selling this house. And that just overwhelms me, to even think about packing and moving in my condition!

Thanks. I needed to vent a little.

I hope things get straightened out for you before you go in for your surgery. Can you get the FMLA dates changed due to the unexpected change in the date for your surgery? Can you call and ask for a waiver, or ask to talk to the next higher up person in the chain and keep going until you get to the top? Our local paper did a story a while back on health insurance companies and their policies and practices. The shocking and maddening part of it was that the companies routinely deny different things and just hope that the patient won't follow through and argue. And most people don't! If they knew it, there's a chain the patient can go up to dispute the insurance company decisions. And you can't stop at the first link. The companies admitted that only the people who were relentless and refused to accept the insurance company's decision finally got what they wanted. But those people did get it! I know it's not the insurance company that's the problem right now for you, but what's true for the insurance companies is probably also true for a lot of other organizations. Call everyone you can think of to get some action on your behalf. Be the squeeky wheel! And squeek as loud as you need to.

Let us know how things go. I hope you get some satisfactory action!