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Re: Liver Damage & muscle cramps?

GGT is a very non-specific indicator, it can go up for just about any reason. A very high GGT though often indicates alchol induced liver problem. 144 is not that high.

From my own experience, the liver enzymes can also go up for multiple causes only to go back down again. So I suggest a repeat check after a month.

If you are still worried, just have your husband tested for (if not already) : Hep A/B/C and get a Liver Ultrasound done. A liver Ultrasound can detect a fatty liver, gall stones etc.

One guy I used to interact with on this board found out that his liver enzymes were elevated due to dental/gum issues.

btw, I just realized that you mentioned your husband is on Meds..including the Acid Reflux ones. Of course, they can sometimes raise Liver Enzymes. I suggest you have the numbers rechecked after your husband is off meds for a while.

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