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Re: Lyme relapse questions

> When you stopped treatment, had you been symptom free for at least two months?

I don't remember exactly now. I'm fairly sure I was on antibiotics for another month at least, after feeling completely well but I'm not sure about two months.

> It is possible you were not treated long enough, and it is possible you were re-infected.

I'm nearly 100% positive I got it from a tick on my dog. My dog came back with ticks after staying at a "doggy day care" while we were on vacation. We saw them and removed them but obviously not all of them. My dog has been gone for almost 2 years now. My highest risk behavior for catching Lyme disease again would be mowing the lawn. I'm just not around animals or non-paved surfaces that much any more. I honestly can't believe it's a re-infection. I can't imagine where it could have happened again.

> I suggest you get tested for all the co-infections: Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma.

I did get tested for Babesia when the IGenex test was done. I'll find out if any other co-infections where tested for. Thank you for that advice.

> To me it sounds like you need further treatment.

I'm still being treated with antibiotics (since September).

> You also need to be tested for all the co-infections.

Thanks. I'll be finding out exactly what was tested for in Sept.

> Will you be returning to the Lyme doctor? Did you see Dr. H. ?

It was Dr. H the first time but I haven't seen him this time. My local doctor is now quite Lyme literate.

Thanks for all your answers. I do have another question. When my Lyme symptoms started up again it was some minor twitching, tingling and tremors (minor compared to the first time) with the new symptom of breathing problems. I know breathing problems are a symptom of Lyme disease, are they also a symptom of any of the co-infections?

Thank you again for you reply.