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Re: Four bone spurs in neck--need advice

Boy I wish i had found this site before I went through all my treatments.

I just have gone thru a very difficult surgery with complications. My chief complaint was pain not numbness or lack of strength. I had bone spurs and herniated discs. (have you had an MRI and if not I suggest you get one).
My pain was what I call muscle spasms from hell.
Xrays only tell part of the story and at this point you need to see a specialist.

I did take muscle relaxers, accupuncture, physical therapy, trigger point injections, DRX 9000 and none of it worked.

What helped was alternating cervical ice packs with heat pads. 2 Epidural injections worked for 6 months and then following 2 had no effect. medrol dose pack worked for a while.

I changed my pillows to a one very long wedge with a small pillow under my neck (flatish).

I bought a 4" memory foam matress topper which is heaven.

I limited my snorkeling, no lifting heavy items not reaching and extending... that helped.

There are many on this board who have already healed with success.
I am still misreble post surgery but am hopeful.

Read this board and get educated. I would suggest you try a pain management DR. and request an MRI for your first step.

Good Luck!