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Re: ???? what the hell???????, long-sannah please read!

Pucca, I thought a bit more about the stomach thing after I posted. My guess is that your sexual parts are not intimate. People can have sex that is not intimate. Your stomach, however, might symbolize a more intimate part of you - your heart, your soul. You might be freaking out when someone touches here because this is YOU they are touching.

I also thought more about you exploring intimacy with strangers by being physical with them. I came to the conclusion that this might not be a good way to develop boundaries and get over your fear of intimacy. If you ever got in a bad situation with some creep and he raped you it would be devastating for you. It might put you in a place where the road to recovery might be much more difficult and long. Maybe you should find another road to practice intimacy skills?

Pucca, you are not going to feel normal until you go through the process of analyzing yourself just like you are doing now. You have some interactions with people, you find yourself uncomfortable, and then you come here for analysis. While you are waiting for your counseling just keep doing it here. Don't push the intimacy thing. Work on it but realize that it will take time to normalize and this type of analysis is how you are going to get there.

If you really want to explore your intimacy issues get together with this nice guy and explore the emotional and psychological intimacy issues with him. Like I said before don't push the physical ones yet. I will help you analyze.