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Re: Depression, Apathy, OCD, WHATTT?

You present a good bit of history. The symptoms sound like depression; but, as you note, there are other factors involved. You sound insightful and it appears you are fortunate enough to have the financial and emotional resources to move forward. The question seems to be where to? My suggestions are to do some internet research on depression; see what's new and available out there. Have you experimented with diet? I mean radically - raw foods, fresh juices, etc. Do some internet searching on raw animal fat diet, raw food diet - see if that opens any new doors for you. Homeophathics? Accupuncture? Although I don't think Cognitive Behavior Therapy is terribly effective for biochemical based depression, it can help lean the mind more towards rational thinking about the depression. If you're not familiar with that, that also is worth some internet research. Hope that's at least a tad bit helpful. Good luck.