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Re: Dreadful Start to the New Year

Hi Dawn, sorry about your friend. I hate it every time I read of a new person having to come here because either they or someone they care about has LC....or suspects it.
Yes, my hubby had that same trouble. Spine and legs. His legs hurt unbearably. Please suggest to your friend that she get a PET scan or at the very least an MRI of her spine to see if there are lesions to the bone. That's what Bud found out. Although his primary tumor in the left lung was in remission, the cancer had moved elsewhere. The sooner they can control this the more comfortable she will be. They might suggest radiation and chemo. The radiation helped my husband for a time, but ultimately, the monster was too strong and he too weak. Please keep us posted on how your friend is doing. God bless you for being such a friend to help.