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Re: Dreadful Start to the New Year

Dawn, you hang in there. And your friend is blessed to have you. Sadly, one of the toughest things to tolerate through this whole process is the waiting period. If all she had was an xray please encourage her to insist on a CT at the very least, a PET at the best.

Just today I read in the paper that they are developing a pretty effective genetic test for lung cancer. They said these 5 genes are effective in determining whether a person will be prone to getting lung cancer, and if already dx'd, what their chance of survival and treatment success is. They said that staging is ineffective because sometimes people are dx when the tumor is still very small but turns out to be very agressive and in the long run, a high risk for ineffective treatment options and early fatality. They said best case scenario the low risk group lived avge of 40 months, the high risk 20. That's what Bud lived. 20 months after official dx.
Kygal...Pat, you prove them all wrong girl! You go for for life! I have been praying for you and hoping for continued results. We need sucess stories to keep the folks going. I wish I could just drive over the bridge from Evansville to Henderson and figure out a way to find you and give you a big giant hug....

I need to get to bed soon, tomorrow I go for labs...yep Kim, I'm finally doing it....keep putting it off.

Love, peace, prayers and healing....