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Re: Thinking of Ellengrace and Faith....

Originally Posted by Kimslos
I just thought I would let Ellengrace know she is in our thoughts and prayers. For some reason today I thought about her quite a bit and she is back on the posting board soon!
And...Faith I hope you are doing better. You mentioned last time you had vision problems so hope things are better for you and healing from the surgery.
Hi Kim
Thanks for your thoughts. I came here too thinking of EllenGrace. SHe comes into my mind quite often.
I am doing fine 2 weeks after surgery. The staples are out of my head, and am just waiting to see the neuro-oncologist on Monday. Get that over and get the chemo started on the lung. I'm walking a lot, trying to eat right (got that book you mentioned in one of the threads, Beating Cancer with Nutrition). I figure while I'm waiting for the docs to do something, I'll do what I can to boost my immune system, and get as healthy as I can before I start the chemo. Chemo scares me to death!!!!
Going to have my eye doctor take a look at my eyes today, just to make sure there isn't an eye problem going on, instead of the tumor causing the vision problem.
Thanks for your support of everyone here. I'll check back when I find out more info on treatments. I know I'll have tons of questions then.
God Bless you All.