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Someone please advise

I was on long term prednisone to treat another existing condition. After surgery I was weaned off, and within a couple of weeks went into terrible fatigue, along with many other symptoms. I had many tests done along with ACTH test, and the specialist said that my adrenal gland was asleep because it was relying on prednisone to do it's job. He wasn't sure if it was permanently asleep or just temporarily.

He put me back on prednisone..10 mg..then slowly weaned me down to 7 1/2 mg, then to 5 mg...I was to try to slowly wean down from the 5mg....when I first went back on, it was if my life was changed, the fatigue went away, and the tied up pain and stiffness I had in my muscles left within a day or two. I felt my best on 7 &1/2 mg. When I went down to 5 mg, some of the symptoms came back, although it was tolerable. When I tried to go under 5mg (eg..4 mg) the terrible fatigue set in again, and the pain and stiffness as well. After trying this several times and not succeeding, the doctor diagnosed me with a permanent sleeping adrenal and told me not to try to wean down again but to remain on the 5mg permanently.

I find when I'm under stress, I feel that terrible fatigue and stiffness setting in regardless of the 5 mg, and think I should be on slightly more atleast temporarily, yet my doctor won't increase it. My question, if I ask for another ACTH test, will taking the 5 mg of prednisone daily affect the results of this test and show it to be sufficient.. or if it's insufficient will it show up regardless of the medication I'm taking?

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