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Re: Someone please advise

I've been on prednisone for aprox 20 + years. During flares of an existing condition...short term of anywhere from 10-15 mg to get symptoms under control...otherwise daily maintaining at 5 mg.
No CT scan of adrenal gland.
My GI tried to taper me first...with 5mg...then half of that...for a month and a half ...never did get beyond that without having symptoms so had to be put back on 10..then 7.5 then 5mg. Tried more than once...
My Reumatologist...also tried 10 mg for 4 weeks...then 7.5 for 3 weeks then ...then 5mg for 4 weeks..and then I was handed back to my Family physician to do further tapering..
My Family doctor prescribed 1 mg prednisone tabs, so I took ....5 mg one day, and 4.5 mgs the next for several weeks and came back with symptoms so couldn't go on..this was tried more than had to go back to 5 mgs daily...seems I am symptomatic at even 1/2 mg less then 5.
Yes, I am taking the whole 5mg in the morning...I was able to wean down to that, but anything lower causes wipeout symptoms, muscle pain etc.....